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13 Apr, 2022
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Why Fire Safety is vital to your business

A fire can have many disastrous impacts on a company and its staff. The effects of a fire range from inhaling smoke and psychological damage to serious burns and the loss of life. Other dangers include property damage which can cause building structures to weaken and falling debris.
It’s of the upmost importance that any business are protected from fire, and today’s blog elaborates on fire safety at a workplace.

Fire Safety Rules

Under British law, and according to Government guidelines, if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or anyone else who manage a property, you are responsible for all fire safety. This means you are in charge of carrying out regular fire risk assessments, the creation of an emergency fire plan and informing / training staff.
Testing of the fire safety system is paramount. Staff given the responsibility for fire safety must ensure all equipment is tested for usage, and kept in a designated space in case of fire.

Fire Alarms

A fire alarms detect smoke, heat or fire within a property, for this reason fire alarms should be installed in a central area of each floor of a building as well as stairways.
Fire alarm systems can be triggers automatically upon sensing smoke or fire, or through manually pushing a button or glass to alert the building of a fire safety hazard.

Fire Extinguishers

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any building are fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers help to reduce or eradicate fires and are found on every floor within an office or building.
A fire extinguisher can use water, powder, foam, liquid chemicals or CO2, and a trained fire safety team member will be trained on how to use it.
Different type of incidents call for different type of equipment. For example, fire extinguishers may contain either dry or liquid chemicals to combat an emergency.
Please check the labelling on top of your fire extinguishers to see if it contains gasses such as CO2, water or other chemicals.
Fire suppression alarms are automatic detectors and release the correct agent to combat the fire.


Every building must ensure there are clear and readable signs across a building showing the best fire exit routes. This must be shown to every member of staff. Staff should also be made aware of where fire extinguishers are kept. Smoke detectors, emergency lighting and fire escape routes are vital.

High Costs

It’s estimated that a fire costs a business £21,000 on average. So not only is a fire a damaging one if there’s loss of life, but it’s also a financial problem too.

SES Electrical Contractors Tip:

If your building or business are not trained in fire prevention, please look into it.
A simple but effective way to reduce fires in an office is to ensure the workplace is kept tidy and open, with little clutter, especially around exit routes and where fire safety equipment is kept.
SES Electrical Contractors have over 20 years’ experience and have worked with many businesses and owners for fire safety. Checkout our reviews on CheckaTrader and TrustaTrader.

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