Rewiring, New Builds and Extensions

By rewiring your property, you can minimise potential power surges, circuit shorts and arc faults. Update your wiring with SES Electrical Contractors to remove electrical safety hazards in your new build or extension.

New Build Rewiring

Unfortunately, issues with new build properties, referred to as snags, are common and can include wiring problems. Whilst we’d like to believe the wiring in your new build house is safe and secure, it’s not always a guarantee. At SES Electrical Contractors, we don’t just offer rewiring services for new build properties, but we can also assess and inspect your electrics before commencing any work. This ensures we are only replacing or upgrading, and therefore charging you for, the essentials.

Electrical worries should be the last thing on your mind when moving home, and with SES Electrical Contractors they can be. So get in touch if you are concerned about the electrics in your new build property. Similarly, if you’re wanting to upgrade the standard electrical works in your property, we are here to help.

If you are the project manager of new build construction and are looking for a qualified electrician to rewire these properties, SES Electrical Contractors are the perfect choice for any and all types of residential electrical work.

Extensions Rewiring

Planning an extension on your property? SES Electrical Contractors can rewire and extend your current home wiring to support this adjustment. Whether you’re planning a rear, side-return, wrap-around, double-storey or dormer extension, we can assist you with these developments. Don’t let the electrics stop you from designing your dream extension, with SES the sky is the limit.
Discuss your project with us and we can offer our expert advice on the electrics you’ll need. Get in touch for an electrical rewiring cost and start your home rewiring journey today.

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