PAT Testing

PAT testing, or portable appliance testing, is the examination of appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Contact SES Electrical Contractors to access our pat testing service and keep your equipment fit for purpose.

Commercial Portable Appliance Testing

PAT testing is designed to minimise risks to your business that could arise from the frequent use of specific equipment and appliances. This method is recognised by health and safety experts, when completed with a qualified electrician, and is the ideal way to ensure you’re meeting your statutory responsibilities.

SES Electrical Contractors are experienced in commercial PAT testing and can complete a full safety assessment on any and all electrical equipment that can be unplugged or moved. If you utilise appliances that are portable but never move, they must still be assessed through PAT testing. Get in touch with SES Electrical Contractors if you require commercial PAT testing.

It’s easy to miss wear and tear on electrical equipment, especially if appliances are old or used infrequently. This is where PAT testing can significantly improve safety standards and reduce the risks of electrical malfunctions. If you are a business owner or landlord, PAT testing is a legal requirement and PAT testing frequency is recommended annually or every two years, depending on the equipment in use.

PAT Testing Certificates with SES Electrical Contractors

Our electricians are not only fully qualified to complete PAT testing, but they can also provide you with a PAT testing certificate after assessment. This certificate is only valid for a year, after which it must be renewed, and is only issued to those who successfully complete PAT testing assessments.
To guarantee the safety of your appliances, and to remove the risk of electrical harm to your employees or tenants, book your PAT testing assessment today. We offer next day response times for businesses and landlords, so you can reassure building occupants with safe and secure electrics.

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If you’re looking to receive your PAT testing certificate, call us at 0207 523 5373. For full PAT testing assessments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SES Electrical Contractors.

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