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30 Mar, 2022
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Why CCTV is crucial to you and your business.

This week’s blog delves into why all homes, office buildings or place of work should have CCTV system installed and state the various positives they bring.

Home security is high priority for every home owner or resident. CCTV cameras are a powerful tool for home security. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) transfer images and videos to a hub where photos and videos are recorded and stored. CCTV footage is captured 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
Here are the key reasons why you should have CCTV installed:

Reduce Crime:

The benefits to you and your premises are immense. Installing CCTV allows a business or owner to monitor rooms, offices and premises in case of theft, break-ins, and spot other crimes.
It’s advisable to install CCTV cameras in key locations across your premises. These include entrances, exits, locations where assets are stored, and possible entry routes. This will greatly reduce the chance of crimes like vandalism and break-ins.
The evidence captured in high definition is invaluable if cases go to court. CCTV footage is commonly used to prosecute criminals.

A Great Deterrent:

CCTV is a great deterrent for staff issues such as bullying or disrespect. Installing CCTV cameras in all offices, hallways, car park, entrances and exits gives staff added assurance of personal safety and a safe working environment.

High Productivity:

Many offices have CCTV installed as a method to helps keep staff productivity high. Cameras can be a subtle reminder than your employers are able to see staff productivity and keep staff working at a high level.

Identify Improvements:

The addition of CCTV cameras help employers to identify possible improvements. For example, if CCTV is fitted into a retail store, the store manager can witness working habits and suggest improvements, such as greater assertiveness.

The need and value of a CCTV system cannot go understated, it’s vital for any business and will give any  business owner some piece of mind.
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Over the past 20 years’ SES Electrical Contractors have worked with a host of clients ranging from multi-national corporations, local business and Michelin star restaurants to celebrities and CEO’s for CCTV installation.
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Why CCTV is crucial to you and your business.

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