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20 Feb, 2021
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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me start by introducing myself and giving some insight into my background. My name is Byron Sanders and I am the owner and Director of SES Electrical Contractors (UK) Ltd. I am originally from The West Midlands from a town called Stourbridge. I grew up there and completed my electrical apprenticeship with a local company called DTA. After completing my training I was offered a job at a larger local company that covered mainly social housing and council contracts and I took a new position as a fully qualified electrician.

I gained valuable experience from both these companies and not least, I learnt how things should not be done and the importance of good customer service as both companies had good and bad aspects to them and I eventually decided I could do things better on my own. I went self employed at 23 and started on the path that would lead me to where I am today here in Chiswick as the Director of one of Chiswick’s highest rated and most sought after electrical companies.

After honing my skills as an electrician and business owner I set up a limited company in 2010: SES Electrical Contractors (UK) Ltd and moved down to Surrey to live and work in Camberley and the surrounding areas, often coming into London to work.

Being closer to London and seeing an opportunity to move into the area and experience life and work in one of the greatest cities in the world was the nudge I needed and in 2013 after taking some time off to back pack around Europe, I made the decision to finally move. I chose to set myself up in Chiswick and I have stayed here ever since albeit with a brief 2 years up the road in Hammersmith.

I quickly gained a reputation as having a keen eye for detail, using quality materials and producing high quality workmanship wether it be replacing a light or rewiring a house each and every job was and is treated with the same level of skill and care.

I have always focused heavily on customer service, building the brands name and reputation and all that hard work paid off as we gradually expanded from just myself to take on new employees in the field and office and now have a team of 8 working all over London.
“The Blue Brigade” as we are nicknamed due to our bright blue vans can be seen all over West London on a daily basis.
Spending a lot of time on self development and training has allowed us to gain many accreditation’s and now provide multiple services to our clients across domestic, commercial and industrial.
All of our engineers are carefully handpicked and trained to make sure that we only employ suitably qualified and skilled people who share our values and ethos in order to make sure our customers have an unrivalled experience.

We can now boast that we have over 1000 reviews on Checkatrade making us one of the highest rated electrical companies in West London.
We have worked hard and continue to do so in order to improve on all aspects of the business and keep on growing.
I hope this gives a brief insight into myself and the journey of SES Electrical Contractors (UK) Ltd.

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