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21 Jul, 2021
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A Race To The Bottom

When the government introduced mandatory electrical safety inspections (Landlord Safety Reports) for all rental properties within the UK it had a instant positive impact on the electrical industry.

Almost overnight after the decline in the domestic market during the Covid pandemic we like most companies were inundated with requests to carry out these inspections for landlords as everybody raced to be compliant before the April 2021 deadline approached.

Initially the influx of new enquiries and work was a breath of fresh air.
With everyone more concerned with having the reports completed within the deadline rather than being fixated on costs meant that we could focus on producing quality reports and remedial works for our clients. 

Unfortunately as with all things positive there comes a time when many people try to jump aboard and get a piece of the action so to speak.
This has led to an influx of companies now offering Eicr’s at heavily discount prices and pushed a lot of the established companies out.
The industry is now overflowing with so called “Eicr experts” who can do these reports for next to nothing and spend an extremely short period of time on the actual property conducting the test.

What does this mean for the homeowner or landlord? It means that there is too much choice when it comes to choosing a company to undertake this work and so the emphasis switches to being fixated on price rather than quality aka “The Race To The Bottom”.

Rather than being focused on producing a quality legible complaint report and an itemised list of remedial works companies are scrambling to produce these reports as fast as possible in order to make a profit, this means that limited testing is taking place and poorly produced paperwork is rampant.
Week in and out we are sent reports from clients who are asking for a second opinion after realising that they may have hired the wrong company, more often than not when we attend to carry out the remedial work highlighted we discover that it’s either been incorrectly identified or coded or serious safety concerns have been missed which should have been picked up on the inspection.

Unfortunately there is no sign of this trend slowing but for the clients that do appreciate and understand the importance of hiring an experienced and competent company to carry out this type of work we salute you!

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