Television Cabling

With almost 27 million households across the UK owning a TV, television cabling is an essential and vital service for SES Electrical customers. Get in touch with SES Electrical today for more information on television cabling.

TV Cabling Installation

SES Electrical offers an exceptional TV cabling installation service, complete with qualified cabling engineers. We ensure your television system is fitted with all the correct and necessary cables, whilst certifying your internet connection is running smoothly, strong and within range of your devices.

We can install a brand new television cabling system or upgrade your existing one, with experience in satellite, ariel and cable TV installations. We will also assess the surrounding sockets, making sure they are not only fit for use but are within reaching distance of your TV. No matter what internet provider you’re with, we can efficiently and expertly install your new TV cabling.

When utilising our TV cabling service, you also have the option to access:

  • Ariel Installation
  • Satellite Installation
  • Socket Maintenance
  • Connection Box Installation
  • CCTV Cabling
  • Network Cabling

SES Electrical Installation

Our engineers are certified and qualified to handle television cable installations for both commercial and residential properties. By hiring SES Electrical, you can ensure all cabling complies with UK health and safety standards and building regulations, rather than taking the DIY risk. We don’t recommend for any unqualified individuals to attempt electrical work, so please get in touch if you are in need of electrical assistance.

Unsure what current cabling you have? Book a consultation with SES Electrical and we will visit your property for a full electrical assessment. From there, we’ll provide you with a quote before installing your new television cabling system. Should you have any questions at any point during the installation, we are happy to answer them. Contact SES Electrical today for television cabling installation, or for more information on this service.

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